New Mexico Legislative Update #5

New Mexico Legislative Update #5 Good Morning! Here’s the fifth legislative update from the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association. I will forward these updates as they become available. In two committee meetings yesterday, two gun control measures advanced onwards. The House Judiciary Committee passed HB9 ( , the firearm owner liability bill on a party-line vote of 7-4. The bill creates a new class of criminal charge in New Mexico where you could be criminally charged for the acts of a third-party. If any minor uses your firearm to threaten someone or hurt someone else or themselves, you would be charged criminally. If a third-party provides your firearm to a minor who uses it to commit a crime, you as the gun owner would still be charged criminally. The next stop for HB9 is the House Floor to be voted on by all members of the House. We urge you to contact your state representative ( now to tell them to vote NO on HB9. In the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee, SB116 ( , the under-21 semiautomatic firearm and magazine ban, was passed on a 6-3 party-line vote. The bill bans anyone under 21 from purchasing or possessing any semiautomatic firearm. Those under the age of 21 who currently own a semiautomatic firearm would have to sell or transfer their gun by June 16th of this year, or they could be charged with a crime. The bill also bans them from owning or purchasing a magazine that holds more than 9 rounds, or a firearm with a fixed magazine that holds more than 9 rounds. The next stop for the bill is the Senate Judiciary Committee ( . We are tracking numerous bills right now, and we will keep you apprised on what is happening in Santa Fe. HB9 could be voted on by the House this week, so please don’t hesitate to contact your state representative today. Please consider joining the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association if you have not already done so and help them fight these anti-gun bills. You can do so here Richard Barbaras Owner/Instructor


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