NMSU supports racism, why are you using them to comment on racist events?

Good morning Mr. D’Ammassa:  You really should not use any NMSU personnel to comment on racism. Referring to your Monday column.We found out that Ms. Lara and NMSU personnel have no problem with referring to local Latinos as “not punctual” and labelling Mexican-americans as the “lowest achieving of all the Latinos” during the passage of the explicitly discriminatory Policy JBC last year at LCPS.   See slide show page 3 and 6.
Proof of racism imbedded at LCPS and NMSU?  Please also see Slide 1 and 2, LCPS Board members were taking classes from an org which says “whites may let me down”, in 2019.  Also, NMSU personnel have taught LCPS personnel on these SPLC “social justice” standards.  We know this from IPRAs.The Southern Poverty Law Center is the organization, and now you know it is a hate group.  What a scoop for you.
Ms. Cyr:  by the way, the new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that was rammed into LCPS this year incorporates the SLPC’s social justice standards.  You now have all the info you need to take down LCPS’s entire civil rights-violation pedagogy. Contact me and I’ll show you the goods.  Mr. Cook, we can show you the stuff also, I have seen your excellent reporting.   
They’re trying to cancel MLK, and we need your help. V/RRick Reynaud


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