Dear Juan and members of the CIA, I am so frustrated and MAD , that I can hardly write this email. At this point of covid plandemia, to force our healthy youth to be part of an experiment that after over a year this experimental vax has proved to be damaging even lethal to SO many young and healthy Americans, After CDC and Pfizer had to release the info proving the dangers of it. NMSU in what I consider an abuse even criminal move decides to stop the option of testing and forcing vax AND boosters on their students. Not recognizing Natural immunity and even threatening them with disenrollment…At less than 3 weeks till the End of the school year, were students are stressed out getting ready for finals , graduation, moving, etc etc. We need to stand up as a Community first in prayer ? but also in action.I’m attaching the email that today was sent to EVERY NMSU Student. Please help our NMSU Students by Calling to let the Chancellor know that our Community will stand against the overreach of power on forcing an experimental vaccine on healthy youth, particularly after a year  of proof that the vaccine does NOT work to stop the spread of covid and by their own CDC and Pfizer data it has INJURED particularly young people.  In Universities where vaccine was mandatory College Athletes have suddenly dropped with heart attacks, died, gotten Myocarditis, blood clots and damage of their nervous system. If NMSU makes it MANDATORY they will have to take responsibility for ANY ADVERSE REACTION!!! Every lawsuit have been won to defend body autonomy and Constitutional Rights for the American Citizens. NO HUMAN CAN BE FORCED TO BE PART OF AN EXPERIMENT. It is a shame that an Educational Institution purposely misinform their students…So much for their logo “Be Bold, shape the future” ; in the facts, their absurd MANDATE abuse of power screams; “Be a sheep. Do what you are told” Chancellor’s Contact : Dan Arvizu- [email protected] 575-646-2035.


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