NMSU Vaccine Mandate DROPPED

Dear Las Crucens,
GOOD NEWS: New Mexico State University has dropped it’s vaccine mandate for students and staff. 

It doesn’t look like NMSU’s website has been updated yet, but there is more information about the vaccine mandate being rescinded here:https://kvia.com/top-stories/2023/03/01/nmsu-ends-requirement-for-students-employees-to-be-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19
This mandate was being applied to 20,000+ students and staff, including high school students attending dual-credit classes.  The mandate never should have happened in the first place, and we have been applying pressure on NMSU to drop the mandate since its inception. 

You may be interested in this Op-Ed about UNM and NMSU’s vaccine mandates, which includes important reference links:https://newmexicosun.com/stories/637394742-unm-and-nmsu-should-drop-their-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-now
A recent article by public health officials and epidemiologists, published in the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics, concluded that “university booster mandates are unethical” and “may result in a net harm to healthy young adults.” The same article urged “universities and schools to rescind all COVID-19 vaccine mandates.”https://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2022/12/05/jme-2022-108449
Standing with you in solidarity,
Sarah Smith
Free People of the Southwest – local action
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance – statewide action


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