No Empathy for NM Citizens !!

Representative Rubio
America is not in a military conflict with any nation.  Yet the supporters of the Neo Green Agenda are at war with the American oil industry. 
Not a single word from the NM state and federal delegation on the pain and suffering inflicted on their constituents with sky rocketing fuel and food costs.  The mayor, at the state of the city filled the city councilors with joy when he mentioned the city’s push for electric vehicles.  Not a word on high food and gas prices. If it is not mentioned, maybe the citizens wont notice  ???
Many pushing the green agenda are happy at the slow but forceful attempt to subjugate American citizens into acceptance of “renewable’ energy.  Instead of energy independence we push for dependence to appease the “Green Agenda” and “save the planet” warriors. 

While supporting a Russian oil ban, Pelosi didn’t agree with reopening federal land to oil and gas drilling – which President Biden sought to ban at the start of his presidency. 

“I’m not for drilling on public lands,” Pelosi said.

This from an individual who probably doesn’t remember how to put gas in her car much less pay for her own fuel costs.  Or let “the peasants eat cake”.….
In NM, The states with the highest percentage of SNAP recipients are New Mexico (21%),

So ask the farmer, or laborer or landscaper or just one who is plain poor how he is feeling when he goes to the gas pump to fill his work truck (s) and has to decide between fuel for his job or food for his family. 
When I call the Federal lawmakers (Lujan and Heinrich), they blame COVID, the truckers, poverty, climate change, global economy, low wages, Ukraine, Russia on the sky high fuel costs.  Everyone and everything but themselves.  Maybe they just think we are all ignorant and they have all the right answers.
Never mind gas was about $1.86 before Biden and as you can see in the photo below, nearly $5.00 today in Las Cruces.  
So I am asking: As a public official with a loud voice why aren’t you and your fellow “representatives” pushing for an increase in oil production in this state and taking on the governor?  Thank you 
Photo taken of the SUNOCO on the corner of Idaho and El Paseo at ~ 1130 on 4 March 2022.  A joke or a sign of prices to come ????


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