On The Origin of Plunder

Why is This Happening?

This is an excerpt from the book Las Cruces attorney, Rory Rank, suggested to me, “The Law”. Written by Frenchman, Frederic Bastiat in 1830. The book, a mere 50 pages in length, is a concise expose of exactly what we are experiencing today and why the trend is as it is.

On The Origin of Plunder

“Now, labor being in itself a pain and man being naturally inclined to avoid pain, it follows, and history proves it, that wherever plunder is less burdensome than labor, it prevails, and neither religion nor morality can, in this case, prevent it from prevailing.

When does plunder cease, then? When it becomes more burdensome and more dangerous than labor. It is very evident that the proper aim of the law is to oppose the powerful obstacle of collective force to this fatal tendency; that all its measures should be in favor of property, and against plunder.

But the law is made, generally, by one man, or by one class of men. And as law cannot exist without the sanction and support of a preponderating force, it must finally place this force in the hands of those who legislate.
This inevitable phenomena, combined with the fatal tendency which we have said, exists in the heart of man, explains the almost universal perversion of law. It is easy to conceive that, instead of being a check upon injustice, it becomes its most invincible instrument.

It is easy to conceive that, according to the power of the legislator, it destroys for its own profit, and in different degrees, amongst the rest of the community, personal independence by slavery (in todays world references wage/tax slaves. “my words”), liberty by oppression, and property by plunder.”

Frederic Bastiat, 1830


The laws of physics teach us that over time without outside effort everything degrades back to its basic elements.Taking man as an example, without effort we do the same which takes us back to our sinful nature. America is not a free ride.

Rob Wood


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