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From The Christiansen Institute newsletter
Is it possible to transform existing K–12 schools? Can innovative, future-ready models of schooling be built from the schools that are common across the education landscape today?

I suspect that if you were to survey the range of people working in K–12 education today—across school districts, state education departments, foundations, national associations, and intermediaries—the consensus would be a resounding “yes.” But is this opinion popular because it’s true? Or is it popular because most people in education work within existing school systems and have to believe that these systems can change, or else their efforts would seem futile?

During the summer, I (Thomas Arnett of the Christensen Institute) enjoyed discussing this question with Kelly Young, the president and founder of Education Reimagined, and Michael Horn, co-founder of the Christensen Institute. The three of us share an unpopular view—that both history and innovation theory demonstrate that existing schools are incapable of transformation.
Rob Wood


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