Open letter to city council

Ladies, there has been a lot of discussion about the issue of changing street names . One would think that this issue isn’t important enough to waste your time on. If the residents of an area don’t want the name of their street changed , why go against their wishes? My sister in law is a full blooded Pueblo Indian , and she thinks that the movement ( by white middle aged Karens for the most part) to classify team names ,etc, that refer to the Native American culture in any way is total BS. Words define a picture in one’s mind for the purpose of communication, either verbal or written. She is an Indian, calls herself an Indian, and is proud of it. She doesn’t see “Squaw” as derogatory, Redskins as derogatory or Atlanta Braves as offensive. Why should you? Who gave you the right to tell people what street name they have to use? The arrogance shown by you, the council, in acting to make yourselves the name police is beyond the pale of good leadership. You were elected to serve the people of Las Cruces not rule them. Your priorities in your activities are significantly flawed- getting rid of Pistol Pete? Really ? Why don’t you serve the productive citizens of our city rather than propitiating to Woke causes and nonproductive elements in our society?   You all need to look in the mirror and decide if you want to get back on purpose as effective leaders or if you will continue your socially destructive attacks on the rule of law and common sense? If you don’t want to change your ways , you don’t have to fall on your swords, just resign so we can elect some intelligent, effective leaders.    Thank you.   Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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