Open Letter to LCPS

Sirs, recently you extended the school year by ten days and it appears that the only purpose of this was to secure more funding for the district while promoting the SEL agenda. I looked up the mission statement for the district and discovered that there is no mention made of actually delivering an education to the students of the district.  

 1. The purpose of public schools is to educate students in the knowledge needed to survive and function in life. Reading , writing ,and mathematics are essential skill sets needed to master the educational sequence we call learning from preschool forward . At this time , American students rank 32nd in the world in science and math skills . New Mexico ranks last in the US in public school performance. Your policies are directly contributing to this abysmal fact. 

 2. You entered into a social contract with the residents of Las Cruces and Dona Ana county to provide a competent educational system for their children. You have failed miserably. Only one third of students in the ninth grade ever graduate; reading writing and math scores of those that do graduate are below standard. You have done essentially nothing to correct that. You have reneged on your obligation to the people you serve. 

3. You have promoted the SEL programs including CRT and have pandered to the LBGTQ agenda , opening your restrooms to either sex, promoting ‘proper’ pronouns despite the fact that the trans/gay community is a fringe minority in our society. This is reverse discrimination. 

4. Your teachers are not qualified to be practicing psycho/sexual/emotional counseling or , for general classroom subjects, teaching material relating to this area. 
In general you have betrayed the trust that the people placed in you. You have betrayed the children that believe they are getting a good education. You should be ashamed. Please consider doing your job before its too late for our children. Make teachers accountable for teaching the basics so our students deserve a competent education.  Thank you.      Sincerely, Joseph Kincaid DVM ND


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