Open Letter to the Commissioners

Sirs, I attended the last commissioners’ meeting and observed the public comments presented to you. A number of the comments were regarding the role of the commissioners in certifying our recent primary election. You have jurisdiction and responsibility under the NM state constitution and the Election Code to insure that the election was conducted properly. When you certify the results of any election you are certifying that you have done your due diligence and that the election was in accordance with state laws. Recently it has been  demonstrated that a number of improper actions occurred during this last primary.  The Dominion voting machines used in Dona Ana were not in compliance with the NM election code. In May 2021 the NM Secretary of State acknowledged that the Dominion could not be certified under the US Election Assistance Certification Code. Knowing this you should not have certified the election results. The Robis ePollbooks used at the polls were also neither certified nor secure. These two issues alone invalidate your certification of the primary. Since this information is public knowledge you had a responsibility to the citizens of Dona Ana to insist on fair and honest elections. The electoral process in New Mexico has lost the trust of the citizens because these two examples barely scratch the surface of the corruption that exists in our state. That same corruption is possible only because no one in our state government insists on fair and honest elections- the onus of shame falls on the county commissioners and clerks as a group because they are the first bulwark against misconduct. We , the voters of Dona Ana, are not willing to tolerate this situation. My recommendation to you is to step up to the plate and make our election in November more secure. You can vote to eliminate the drop boxes which are so easily involved in fraud. You can vote to get rid of the Dominion machines which are totally unacceptable on so many levels. Paper ballots work well and are less likely to be manipulated. Only send absentee ballots to those that submit proper requests. Voter ID requirements are common sense. You can earn the trust of your constituents by doing your job. The NM SOS has shown herself to be a criminal and a bully. Stand up for what is right.    Lastly , I am sending information on the NM elections to CBS ‘60 Minutes’ and asking them to look into the corruption. What will you say when one of their reporters asks you why you chose to certify an election that was corrupt on so many levels?    Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND    


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