Our New Mexico community needs you to get involved

Dear Free People,
Our New Mexico community needs you to get involved. How can we work to make this happen?

Over the last few months, participation in our local efforts has been waning more and more.  We’ve had very few people participating in collecting signatures for the petition for Citizen’s Grand Jury of the Governor and only a few people showing up to our most recent protests in late 2021. At our Save-the-Kids community outreach project yesterday, only three people showed up.

I’m thankful to those who showed up, but wondering how we can make this work better going forward. It’s hard for us to make much of an impact if we only have a handful of people participating. 

I know we are all busy and have many other things that pull our attention away. I feel the same; I am a volunteer just like everyone else, and am weary of it all, and have many competing priorities including homeschooling and working.  Nonetheless, if we roll over and give up now because we are too tired or busy, what kind of world will our children and grandchildren inherit?
We are unlikely to see any real change here unless more people get involved. A few of the important issues we are still facing include:

Mask mandates, which are leading to widespread discrimination and segregation

School mandates, which are putting NM kids at a huge educational disadvantage, as well as harming the physical and emotional health of many children

Vaccine mandates for our healthcare workers, state employees, teachers, and school personnel, leading to huge staffing shortages such that the National Guard is being called in to substitute teach and staff our hospitals

Parents being misinformed and coerced into vaccinating their children for an illness that is not risky for the vast majority of children, with a vaccine that is known to cause heart problems and blood clots (and for which the long-term effects are unknown and the clinical trials are ongoing until 2026)

NM legislation that will make future change even harder to come by, such as lowering the voting age to 16 and allowing permanent absentee ballots
Upcoming Governor’s election, where we desperately need new leadership for our state 

I know that these issues are important to many of you. We need more participants as well as people willing to step up into leadership roles (especially since several of our main leaders locally have recently moved out of state). What can we do to get more of you involved?

Please let me know what we can do to be more effective and get more participation as we fight for our way of life and our children’s futures. 

Sarah Smith
Free People of the Southwest
NM Freedoms Alliance


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