overrun by crime

To all,
I have sent out the documentaries done in Seattle, Denver and San Francisco before that are about those cities dying. We are just a small town in comparison but that only means all you see in this video is happening here, just at a far smaller scale. No, I have not seen the street sales even though yesterday I saw a fellow set up in a vacant lot in town saying garage sale and I have not checked out the local weekend Flea Market (Big Daddy’s out on I-70). Of course an organized fencing operation sets up here and would take the goods to ABQ, Tucson, El Paso, Juarez or even Phoenix.
One of my friends that lives in the central part of town said while walking his dogs he sees the kids that should be in school riding around on their bikes scoping out open garages and checking for unlocked car doors. He said they are just the scouts that report back to the actual thieves who pay them and come back later.
 When our PD information officer gave the CCIA a rundown he explained that the major Cartels and the Biker Gangs are operating here. Of interest was his explanation of how these organizations support each other in order to support their ability to be financially successful. In the drug business there is no shortage of demand.


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