Parents, Protect your Kids! from Sarah Smith

Parents and Caregivers of Minors,

The Governor of New Mexico has signed laws that would expose school children to inappropriate questioning about their sexual activities and allow them to choose medical gender transition without parental consent. Watch THIS VIDEO from Not My Kids and sign the petitions, available from that link, to stop these laws.
The risks of medical gender transition for children (hormones, puberty blockers, breast removal, castration), include sterility, cancer, heart disease, and a lifetime of remorse. 

Children do NOT, neurologically and developmentally, have a mature understanding of consequences. As such, they cannot, legally and medically, provide “informed consent.”

SB 397 would facilitate school health centers that give kids access to abortion and gender modification referrals without parental consent.

HB 7, likewise, leaves an open door for minors on school grounds to receive reproductive and “gender-affirming health care,” (i.e. medical gender transition support), without parental consent.

Read about the inappropriate sexual questions these laws would require children to answer in order to be treated in a school-based health center. If you wish, you can download the full adolescent survey at this link.

 NOTE: The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance extends our heartfelt compassion to all parents suffering with the many conflicting pressures they and their kids currently face. Medical gender transition for minors struggling with gender confusion does not reduce their risk of suicide. We do not support medical gender transition for minors. For adults, we consider medical transition to be their personal right as free people.
De-Transitioner Laura Becker speaking at a recent eventOn Wednesday night, July 12 visiting de-transitioner and activist Laura Becker gave a presentation to Albuquerque unMasked in-person and on Zoom.

Watch the video of this presentation which explains why children should not be allowed to go through medical gender transition.

Laura is a de-transitioner who shared her experiences with gender transition as a youth, de-transition, mental health, and the broader scope of gender ideology. She answered questions from concerned parents, grandparents, teachers, and other citizens about navigating the world of gender indoctrination and healing.

Laura’s talk and Q & A was informative, moving, and shocking. 

She spoke about how our healthcare system failed her, as a youth who was struggling with autism, domestic abuse, a medical condition that created hormonal imbalances and, ultimately, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from all of these situations. 

Laura emphasized that children do NOT have the emotional, physiological, and developmental maturity to understand what they are consenting to when they decide to undergo medical gender transition.

We are grateful to Laura for her bravery, sharing her experiences so that other children may not suffer. We also want to thank the organizers for this event, and for providing this edited video.
Help us protect all New Mexico children to have a healthy start, and empower them to make their own informed choices when they are old enough to understand the consequences.
 Melanie Rubin, Sarah Smith, and Karen LarréThe New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, The National Coalition for Health Integrity, and Albuquerque unMasked.


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