Personalized Education by Rob Wood

Personalizing Education
I am totally lost as to why in todays world we want education to change but we expect it to stay being free. In the NM Constitution it says education will be provided with no mention at what level. I mean seriously, I could use the Ben Archer Health Center for my medical care but I do not because I want a better level of care. Nothing against Ben Archer as it provides the public with a needed service but at a certain level. 
I keep hearing people say they do not want to double pay for education but none of them can give me the dollar figure that they pay out of their pocket for their PED use. For some reason, even though I could, I do not eat at the El Caldito Soup Kitchen for lunch. If it can be free why would I have to pay somewhere else. Should I be demanding vouchers from the government for eating out based on the money they spend to feed the homeless?
The use of systems like basic Khan Academy and now Khanmigo removes so much burden from teachers if they just sucked it up and employed something outside their self proclaimed power and control circle. School is about facilitating learning, so it would seem that the goal would be to find the best and most efficient way to do that. Of course it doesn’t work for all kids but isn’t that the point, traditional school doesn’t either. I think of all the kids that come back to class after struggling with homework and the demand that places on class time the following day and then see a system like Khanmigo that removes students challenges from unnecessarily anguish at home asking parents for help (more time lost) and finding them unable to help causing tears and arguments in the home. HAVE YOU FINISHED YOUR HOMEWORK?
Teachers say they want their load lightened, well here it is. We give free breakfast and lunch to students so how about ponying up a couple of bucks for those that can use a leg up like this.
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