‘picked a fine time to walk by Lucero

Subject: ‘picked a fine time to walk by Lucero 1/26/23 – Busy days  …..
Yesterday I was almost run over by a car on lohman by campos;I had the walk light! The driver yelled at me.Then on way to library, i walked by the links below just after the shooting.And before the cops arrived …. 5 cop cars but no ems.Ems & fire were waiting on campo.The 2 women outside were waiting for the police.Ive seen the two on the loose who were caught in the area in the past.That area of lucero has always been scary.Then today, i was harrassed by one of the ever growing vagrants;was yelling at me over and over; hey hey, get over here etc; (s san pedro by amador).Then later on mesquite (by lc ave) another with tatooes all over his chest was saying over and over;”help me help me”. I turned around as he was coming towards me.Many of these cretins I notice are in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s too.
2 men arrested after woman found dead in Las Cruces apartment after argument over shotgun | KFOX (kfoxtv.com)


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