Plea for Help By a Citizen

Councilor Graham, Council 

Desperate cry for help from one of your constituents….Carlos is the business owner located on Solano/Missouri. He has spoken at the Council.  He is the citizen who had feces smeared on his building. I refuse to believe that no one on this council has the moral courage to DEMAND the state elected officials help in fixing this rampant crime in LC. 

 Citizens need to accept the reality none of our state elected officials care to fix this problem.

The letter below is from Carlos….The red text is his…..

 Citizens shouldn’t have to live like this.  Ironically, his last sentence Please pass this on to people who can do something about it, really means nothing.

 The link is the video he shared….

Thank you 


Juan, Ray,

I had another incident with a homeless on my property at Missouri/Solano on Friday at around 7:00 pm (See the video in the drop box link below please use discretion, be advised it is very vulgar and graphic). This Guy was in the side yard and had a mess all over the place, I told him it was private property and he had to leave, he flew off the handle.

And accusing me of doing things to his family saying I was from California and to go back to California. He went and got a belt and started swinging it with the buckle at the end and he kept getting closer and Eventually hit me on my hand and my phone luckily I moved back in time otherwise he would have hit me in the head with The belt buckle Then he said him and other homeless protect us then in the same breath he threatened me and said if he had a machete He would cut my head of so who is protecting us from them.

So finally the police came, I showed the police the video and I told the police I wanted to press charges and have Him arrested, he said he could not arrest him since he was not there when he hit me, I told him but you are .Seeing it in the Video he said I’m sorry but in New Mexico the las say the police have to see the incident as it happens.

They talked to him for a long time and finally came and talked to me, they said that they gave him a citation, but he . Refused to sign it. So they told him to leave and he left.

I asked the police man what guarantee did I have that this guy would not come back and do damage to my property. He said there was no guarantee, and the only way that they could arrest him is that they had to see him commit the crime . Well sure enough I came in the following morning and the gate was damaged and all bent. So not I have to go to court to see what they are going to do, probably nothing to him, they might throw me in Jail.🤣

This guy needs to be off the street he is angry at the world and is accusing everyone for his pathetic life. I will do whatever it takes to put this guy behind bars or a mental institute,

I just can not believe they just let him go, I insisted on pressing charges and have him arrested and they told me there was nothing they could do. I think he gave them a false name of Rafael Torres, he kept saying he was Rodriguez.

Please pass this on to people who can do something about it

Thank You


Mayor – Ken Miyagishima – [email protected] – (575)-541-2067

District 1 – Kasandra Gandara – [email protected] – (575)-541-2066

District 2 – Tessa Abeyta – [email protected] – (575) 541-2068

District 3 – Becki Graham – [email protected] – (575)-541-2070

District 4 – Johana Bencomo – [email protected] – (575) 541-2071

District 5 – Becky Corran – [email protected] – (575)-541-2076

District 6 – Yvonne Flores – [email protected] – (575)-541-2069


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