Dear Las Crucens,
Will you please attend the Special School Board Meeting on Tues Jan 30 at 6pm?  As you know, LCPS put together a Book Review Committee as a result of the formal complaint filed by Juan Garcia and myself against the age-inappropriate book Jack of Heart and Other Parts at Mayfield High School.  From a public records request, we have much evidence that several school board members purposely “stacked” the book review committee against us.  We have now filed a formal complaint with the school district for their lack of integrity in creating the “stacked” book review committee.  As a result, there will be a Special School Board Meeting on Tuesday January 30 at 6pm.   At the meeting, the school board will deliberate and decide whether to comply with our request that they throw out the “stacked” committee pool and create a new one that is chosen randomly to better represent our community.   PLEASE ATTEND LCPS SPECIAL BOARD MEETING
There will be no public comment at this meeting, but it would be very helpful if you would attend to show your support.
 WHAT: LCPS Special Board Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday January 30 at 6pmWHERE: LCPS Administration Building, 505 S Main Street, Las Cruces


In case you missed it, below is a link where you can watch the December 2023 appeal hearing, where the school board voted on the book. This hearing includes:

  • myself and Beth Bousquet (CCIA) presenting to the school board for 10 minutes
  • rebuttal comments from the MHS librarian for 10 minutes
  • discussion by the school board explaining their rationale for their decision
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I hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday!

Standing with you in solidarity,

Free People of the Southwest (local action)

Sarah Smith and Juan Garcia (CCIA)

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (statewide action)


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