Police/Civilian Ratio 15 May LCCC

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From: cciawinusa <[email protected]>
Date: On Monday, May 15th, 2023 at 17:22
Subject: 15 May Council Meeting- POLICE /POPULATION RATIO
To: Kassandra Gandara <[email protected]>, Johana Bencomo <[email protected]>
CC: Ifo Pili <[email protected]>, Kenneth Miyagishima <[email protected]>, Miguel Domingues <[email protected]>

Councilors Gandara and Bencomo,
I want to thank you for bringing up my concerns on adequate policing support in Las Cruces.  
I agree with the Chief that 2.4/1000 model (included links) may be dated….my rationale was based on the reduction in crime stats recently published where the joint task force (LCPD/NMSP) saturated high crime areas and the numbers went down. And I understand recruiting LEOs in this toxic environment is very difficult. 
I extrapolated from the success of the task force, more cops = less crime. Given the rise in crime over the last few years, I thought it was worth pursuing. Nothing else seems to be working. OTH, maybe my logic was flawed…

  1. When I heard Lucy’s was hit by criminals, I was not expecting this level of destruction.  There is ZERO excuse for these criminal acts. 4 separate large windows and 1 glass door. Sheer hate. 
  2. Angers me tremendously (imagine what the true victims are feeling today) we have folks who are working hard, with their own limited treasure, sweat and tears to survive and we have criminals who contribute nothing but pain, suffering and destruction. And get away with it.
  3. Local state rep. and senate lawmakers refuse to enhance the current laws to help serve as deterrence and the “judicial’s hands are tied”. You have heard this over the last year.  Probably longer.  This leaves citizens affected with four options: 1) Accept criminal destruction and deal with it or 2) as mentioned during various public inputs, have citizens take matter in their own hands, 3) “hope” it gets better.  4) Close up shop. No good options.
  4. One area you can control, is the budget for officers. If the Council and LCPD feel the current request is adequate to support the community and reduce crime, then we can evaluate that point over the next year. And see if this was the right decision. 
  5. In the meantime, pls share with me what I can say to small businesses like Lucy’s (formerly Zias) as well as The Little Shop on Main, and countless others as to why criminal attacks on their businesses continue….And how much longer  they have to endure for change to happen… I don’t have an answer.
  6. I have zero aspirations to public office and not the reason for my engagement.  But something needs to change. These senseless terror attacks and destruction have to stop. You and others have been in office 4 years or more, so when will we see change ? The affected businesses aren’t interested in hearing explanations for crime.  Not one has told me they understand and empathize with the destructive criminals. They want safety. 
  7. I have never stated anyone on the current council pushed for defunding the police. We can debate Councilor (Rep) Vasquez comments /interpretation of his comments (attached), and intent, at a different time. 
  8. The Mayor’s comments today (and grim reminder) after I spoke regarding criminal attacks on armed and highly trained officers, so what can the rest of us expect ?  Excellent point….

Thank you as always, for your engagement


My comments were based on this and other research….

Juan D Garcia


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