Political hypocrisy and arrogance

Council presentation 20 March- Engage your City Council

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJo7X0StlnZfDJl097ljUA CCIA in ACTION….

From one of our councilors at the 6 March Council session …“we are coming for you next Pistol Pete, whether people like it or not”. The councilor is going to impose her progressive socialist views on the citizens of Las Cruces. Whether they like it or not. Progressive or regressive ideology reinvigorates racial divisiveness and victimhood. Key elements for social justice.. What is she going after next ? The three crosses ? Las cruces ?

Another councilor “ how dare we go to a bunch of non indigenous people if this word (squaw) was offensive”. How dare we ask residents, home owners, tax payers who purchased land from you, the city government, to weigh in if their street should be renamed because our council is on a history cleansing crusade.  “I think we were… derailed when the residents on that street took action not to have the street changed,”. Darn those pesky residents who want a voice in the name of their street. The deaths of indigenous women or any innocent person whether attributed to words such as “squaw” or under the cover of terms like “reproductive health” is horrible. Where is the call for social justice to stop the mutilation and barbaric deaths occurring here in Las Cruces at the abortion clinics ?. That wont happen because termination of innocent babies is a fight for the greater progressive cause. Three “thriving abortion clinics is not enough, so the governor is giving LC one more. The industry of death is alive in well in NM.

Another Councilor was focused on removing the bias that could arise when attempting to erase or rewrite history…Perhaps a “history cleansing” or “thought crime” department to ensure the progressive ideology is followed and imposed among the unwilling should be created ?

Across the nation, progressives now use Alinsky tactics on history itself. Saul Alinsky’s formula of “picking a target, freezing it, personalizing it, and finally polarizing it” is no longer reserved for living people; historical figures and even episodes in Las Cruces receive the Alinsky treatment.

History and progress are inextricably linked. History tells the story of progress, and progress is possible by studying history — and, in some cases, learning from past mistakes. Not by erasing.

Progressives are determined to destroy not just statues, but historical memories, because they know American history is incompatible with their goals.



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