Politics while LC Crime spirals

Mayor, Judge and Michael McDevitt


I am very concerned after attending yesterday’s LCCC public input (19 Sept 2022).  My comments here are related to yesterday’s meeting.  I am not accusing anyone of wrongdoing. I am presenting observations and asking questions as a concerned citizen. 

1. The comments made by Ms Lisa Almaguer and the quotes from the LC Sun, specifically 1.Goldbaum has previously said she butted heads with Ryan while she was an associate judge, saying he resisted her progressive ideas such as DWI courts, homeless courts and other problem-solving courts.  This is extremely troubling given the fact we have a rising state of crime in the city which puts into question how much (little) of the current criminal prosecution can be attributed to the judge’s ideology.  Combine that with a very progressive council, local state representatives and it becomes a very dangerous combination.    

2. In addition, 2 Goldbaum ran for presiding judge on a campaign which stressed alternatives to incarceration for people living in poverty, unhoused residents and people with substance abuse issues really puts in question her decisions.   

3. Lastly, the Judge’s allegations 2“Mr. Mayor, you contacted me some months ago to pressure me to hold people who were charged with property crimes on high bonds before their cases were heard,” Goldbaum said to the mayor and council. “I pushed back and told you that would contravene the New Mexico Constitution, to which the response of the city was to appoint someone who would set unaffordable bonds on indigent defendants for nonviolent crimes. ”puts the citizens in an extremely uncomfortable position trying to determine what is going on in our city government. It is not healthy for the community.


1. A through clarification of the above quotes, to include the comments by Ms Almaguer, should be made publicly. 

2. As elected officials, you must have the confidence of the citizens.  Today, we have questions. 

3. If the quotes are incorrect, the LC Sun should correct/update in the spirit of fairness and accuracy. 

4. I may not always agree with rulings made by judges, regardless of party affiliation or who appointed them, as long as they uphold the law as written.   However, when I read the judge had a ideological predisposition that may have been used as a means to get elected (or “block” Judge Ryan), and is now being implemented, my confidence in the local judicial system comes into very serious question.  

Thank you 


1  https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/2022/08/15/las-cruces-judges-qualifications-in-question-after-appointment-by-city-council/65404730007/    

2. https://lcsunnewsdaily-nm.newsmemory.com/?publink=5fd063e26_134861a 
 Juan D Garcia


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