power and control

The abortion issue seems to be the main focus of both parties which as a US Congress person’s main campaign door knocker I have to say is not true except for the fact that the Democrats leading our State and country have nothing else to offer so the Republica candidates get sucked into the argument.
Let us not forget that the present administration left billions upon billions of US taxpayer dollars worth of armaments in Afghanistan that will be used against somebody (ref “Descent Into Chaos” by Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid) and this administration is pouring more billions worth of armaments into Ukraine which is not even an ally of ours.
Our president depleted our national oil reserves, ended our oil independence, then went begging to Saudi Arabia to help us (another false ally), is negotiating with Venezuela, which is allied with Russia, to get much-needed oil from them and created an inflationary spiral by pouring billions of unearned dollars into the economy that already had too much money available due to the length of time interest rates were at almost zero.
In the midst of all of this, the administration and other leading democrats are pushing the taxpayer to subsidize green energy production and electric cars which can only happen at the level they must have if we create environmental disasters in the rare earth metal supplying countries.
Just in case you haven’t noticed our educational system from top to bottom is teaching that American exceptionalism is a result of greed and theft by white Europeans. It is not so much about what is being taught in our schools but about what is being left out. The goal, if you haven’t also noticed, is to increase the number of groups that can claim victim status that the earners must thus give restitution to.
Please look beyond the elite fed news. They desire to destroy the middle class (ref “The Dying Citizen” by renowned historical scholar Victor Davis Hansen) so that those elite can lord over and suck off of a poor and dependent society. It is all about power and control.
Rob Wood


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