Prayer for LC City Council, Monday, June 6, 12:30 pm

After this morning’s Pastor Pettit-led prayer event at the Las Cruces School Board, we thought it a very good follow-up opportunity to be at the upcoming City Council meeting.

What and Why:  Prayer for Las Cruces City Council, Monday June 06, 12:30 pm.  Attendance is all that is needed to provide positive support by praying for guidance and wisdom for our City Councilors and Mayor.

Where:  Las Cruces City Hall front steps, 700 North Main Street.  Prayer meeting at 12:30 followed by the City Council Meeting at 1:00 pm.

Who:  Community Faith leaders, CCIA members (wear T-shirts, Colors) and all citizens.  Pastor Pettit is the de-facto leader.  City Council Meeting will follow at 1:00 pm:  We will have speakers commenting on issues to include:  Veteran’s ability to be LC Police Officers, protecting Pregnancy crisis centers, local crime, homelessness.  We are hoping the Home Builders Association and business community will be there as well.

V/R Rick Reynaud


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