Prayer for our city and for our schools

Where: LCPS School Board Bldg 505 S. Main

When: 4 June at 0730

What: Prayer for our city and for our schools

Who: Pastor Gene Pettit

Hi everyone,I realise I do not have all the members of our city council and school board list here, so please invite them to come out.On Saturday morning June 4th, at 7:30 am, LCPS Head quaters parking lot, 505 South Main St. We will host an hour of prayer.
In light of events that have happened in our neighboring states and around our country we are led to come back to the one person who can change the course of direction here in our community, as well as elsewhere.That person,The Lord Jesus Christ.As Leaders in our community, I am sure you are aware that what you speak out both good or bad affects our community.This is also Biblical, the Bible calls those in leadership as gatekeepers, this not only applies in the physical but also in the Spiritual, this also applies to sowing and reaping, what we speak, or have spoken, again both good and bad, over our city, our schools and yes our families.
So we would like to invite you to join us as we ask God for protection over our community, our schools, kids, teachers, our business, for good leadership on all accounts.Will you come join us, for more information, you can contact me at [email protected], text me at 575 650 6417
Thank you,

Pastor Gene PettitUpCycle ministry


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