Pro vaxx ad?

Ken, My wife saw a PSA that you did promoting the Covid19 injections for young children. You ,and the city of Las Cruces, should stop the airing of that piece of misinformation. The EAU given for 6 months old children and up is a medical travesty . First ,children are the least affected age group in our world in regards to Covid- they are least likely to be severely sick and least likely to transmit the disease to others. The recovery rate is greater than 99.9% for children yet the pharmacy industry pushed for the EAU because they had to have it to receive indemnity from lawsuits over vaccine injuries. I have seen data that shows children are over 100 times more likely to be injured by the injection than the disease. Look at the VAERS reports concerning the Covid ‘vaccines’ . They are demonstrably responsible for thousands of deaths , miscarriages and severe  injuries. Pfizer ( et al ) have been caught falsifying safety trial data and lying about the contents of the injections. The alleged ‘vaccine’ doesn’t stop one from getting or transmitting the disease and has been demonstrated to impair immune system function in a cumulative manner with each dose received. People are not vaccinating their children because they know that they are being lied to and they actually care about the health of their kids. Don’t support the dark side- our children are the future and we have a responsibility to protect them. Pushing an shot shown to be unneeded and dangerous is criminal. By the way, doctors and politicians that have used their positions to push the vaxx on people are being sued – do you want go there? Do you think that NM DoH will have your back? Good luck.     Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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