Public Comment

Mayor Enriquez and Council :

As I listened to Council Comments, it was disturbing to hear council member’s unhappiness with the legitimate grievances presented on February 20th by small business owners. Instead of empathy and genuinely listening to the local business owners, there is swift retaliation towards citizens by attempting to suppress public input.

As you know, many citizens work and use their lunch hour to come and talk to you because this is the only time they may have for you to hear and listen to their comments, good and/or bad. Public comment time could provide you with information that you may otherwise not have if moved to a different time slot. 

Unfortunately, the community’s participation will likely decrease and their message will no longer be heard if public comment is moved towards the end of the meeting. It is not a secret some on the council are not fans of public input. However, if your attempt is to silence Las Crucens, this decision speaks volumes of the lack of importance you have of your constituents. 

I ask that you be open and listen to the many voices (your constituents) of your local businesses and residents and not change public input time. This is an important role we, as a community take seriously.  

Thank you, Julia E. Ruiz


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