Public input controversy

Mr Mayor,

I have heard you are still intending to move the public input at city council meetings to the end of the agenda. That is a bad move – the legitimacy of any government that presupposes to represent the people depends upon public participation in the process. Making it more difficult for the public to participate and share their opinions is contrary to common sense. The city council has declared their support of progressive political theories. This ideology is based on the presumption that the citizens of the city,nation,etc., under examination are incapable of self rule. Our council has shown no evidence that they believe otherwise. You must keep the public comment where it is presently on the agenda so citizens can schedule their visits to council meetings, make their comments and go back to work rather than leave work (or home) for the entire afternoon waiting for public input to commence.   The public trusted you enough to elect you rather than Gandara, the openly progressive candidate. Don’t betray that trust.   

Sincerely, Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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