Public Marijuana Smoking in LC

APOLOGIES! The survey link did not come through correctly on my previous email.  Please use this link instead:

Dear Las Crucens,
The City Council is currently considering whether to allow marijuana to be smoked outdoors. They are taking public input on this issue and need to hear your voice. You may be interested to read this article about the negative effects of second-hand marijuana smoke:


1. QUICK AND EASY: Please GO HERE to take an ANONYMOUS SURVEY about outdoor cannabis usage in Las Cruces:  ???

2. EMAIL/CALL CITY COUNCIL: Make sure to send individual emails instead of one group email if you want a response.• Mayor – Ken Miyagishima – [email protected] – (575)-541-2067• District 1 – Kasandra Gandara – [email protected] – (575)-541-2066• District 2 – Tessa Abeyta – [email protected] – (575) 541-2068• District 3 – Becki Graham – [email protected] – (575)-541-2070• District 4 – Johana Bencomo – [email protected] – (575) 541-2071• District 5 – Becky Corran – [email protected] – (575)-541-2076• District 6 – Yvonne Flores – [email protected] – (575)-541-2069• City Clerk – Christine Rivera – [email protected] – (575) 541-2115

3. ATTEND THE MEETING FOR PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON THURSDAY SEPT 22 AT 6PM. This meeting will be at the City Council chambers at 700 N Main St.

For more info, the LC Sun News article about this is here:

Please take action if this issue is important to you. We have to be involved if we want to turn things around.

Standing with you in solidarity,
Sarah Smith


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