Public Testimony Zoom Notes (David Montes)


I attended the training on Zoom for giving public comment in legislative committee hearings.

It was hosted by NM Working Families Party, OLE, NM Dream Team, and Equality NM.

Election, emphasized the 16yo suffrage
Predatory lending

Indian Child Welfare Act (I worked on it last year. over a 100 pages but the core of it is to make sure Indian kids who need to be adopted be adopted by someone from that tribe)

Rep. Andrea Romero is explaining the committee process

Sen. Carries Hamblen really wants 16yo voting

the Zoom is being run by WFP. You have to sign up for WFP’s site in order to get the Zoom link

now they’re showing how to navigate the NMlegis site

We went into break out sessions to practice telling our story (the Public Narrative)

Some high schooler is going to be at a protest for Affirmative consent: “teaching kids in school that only a yes is consent for sexual activities and provides funding for survivors”



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