Pushing on NM Schools C19 Testing and Quarantine Policies

Dear New Mexicans,

I recently submitted a letter on behalf of hundreds of NM teachers and school personnel to Dr Kurt Steinhaus, head of the NM Public Education Department (PED). This letter called for an end to the C19 testing and quarantine mandates in our schools. The letter included information about:

  • known risks of C19 tests
  • the CDC acknowledging that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can easily spread the illness, thus making it irrational and punitive to require only unvaccinated teachers and students to be tested and quarantined
  • discrimination and harassment occurring in NM schools on the basis of medical status
  • the fact that none of the tests have full FDA approval, and it therefore illegal to mandate them

Some teachers and school personnel have even been terminated recently in regards to their testing status, while we are in the middle of a staffing shortage!

The Albuquerque Journal published an Op-Ed about this letter yesterday. Hopefully, this is going to add additional pressure to the NM PED on removing these requirements ASAP.


I am now in ongoing communications with the NM PED about these mandates, and change is in the air. I’ll give more updates once things become “official.” ????

You can read the full Op-Ed in the Albuquerque Journal here: https://abqjournal-nm-app.newsmemory.com/?publink=2aead5a9c_1348419

Stand strong wherever you are. We are making a difference!



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