Put issues over party

I have doorbelled a few thousand doors this election cycle. I am finding two groups that really bother me the most and that I feel identify why we are in such a mess. The ones that only vote straight Democrat and the ones that only vote straight Republican. Now I am no issues specialist by any measure but as I engage with these two groups I find them unable to articulate the ‘why’ in any rational conversation based on the less or more desirable states of our nation, state or community. Their whole method of decision-making is based on red or blue.

In New Mexico maybe this has something to do with our state slogan on the type of chile sauce one likes on their enchilada, red or green?

In a country that was set up to be overseen by the people it was assumed, I guess, that the people would put in the effort to be accurately informed. Obviously, this is not the case, as in NM I have found good red and good green enchiladas but I establish that by actually tasting them and by not letting the R or G on the menu (R or D on the election ballot) decide for me. Rob Wood, Las Cruces


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