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Mr Ellins, I addressed the commissioners last month appealing to you all to review the questions being raised regarding the integrity of the last election here in New Mexico. The public speaker prior to me was a lady, Ms Ann Garcia if I recall correctly, that documented a number of significant situations which occurred during the electoral process that deserve to be examined regarding their legal and constitutional implications. You spoke to her after her presentation and indicated that you were open to examining her information. Did you ever speak with her again? Did you examine any of the numerous red flags which she documented?    I recently went back and reread the presentation from 1963 in which 25 goals of the Communist party in America  were read into the congressional record. While some of the points may no longer be relevant secondary to the breakup of the USSR thirty years ago, many are still so pertinent that they deserve review. The dissolution of the family, the destruction of morality and social norms that built a thriving nation , the restriction of freedoms, the promotion of homosexuality and support for the UN are just a few of the salient points. In conjunction with the list I am reminded of Stalin’s adage that the voters don’t matter in an election, but rather those who count the votes control the outcome of elections. In NM the poll books used to check in voters haven’t been recertification since 2011, according to Dr David Clements. The Dominion software hasn’t been updated for recertification since 2017 . Both of these facts are in direct violation of New Mexico law. Whether or not you agree with the theory of the 4th turning our country is in the midst of a radical change and our government has become increasingly totalitarian on national, state and local levels. Free and fair elections are the only thing standing between the American people ( ie Dona Ana citizens) and the end of the social experiment begun with the Declaration of Independence.   As I pleaded last month, you and the rest of the commissioners have a responsibility to ensure that our elections are above board and to put in place policies that protect the process. If you agree that past elections have raised serious questions about their validity, you must stop using the system that cannot be trusted until there is absolute proof that there is no problem. If you do not you are complicit in election fraud in violation of your oath and your surety bond. Fussing at the commissioners over day to day management of the county is  a waste of time if our elections are crooked. The majority of Americans believe that the 2020 election was fraudulent on one or more levels, and our local investigators demonstrated numerous out points in election security here in New Mexico. If you actually believe that there is no problem you have a duty to prove your point. If you did go back and examine the information about our election, I applaud you but just looking at the material is not sufficient. You are an elected leader. On a local basis one could say the buck stops with you and your peers. What are you doing to sort this matter out and correct the issues you find?  Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND

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