Questions about RO s in schools

Ms Jameson, the decision not to support ROs in local elementary schools is ill considered. When an unknown amount of the budget is wasted on promoting gender propaganda, emotional indoctrination, and ego gratification activities which erode the role of the family ( pardon me if I rant) I find it hard to believe that the district cannot afford to provide security for a large segment of the children in the district. It still amazes me that in an era of increasing vigilance against what  appears to be increasing violence, the district chose to construct open air classrooms in some of the campuses. If nothing else the Uvalde tragedy demonstrated that no school in America is perfectly safe- the incidence of mental health issues has risen dramatically with the mishandling of the Covid situation and it has manifested as societal violence in many cases. The school board apparently doesn’t care if the elementary schools are not protected. The recent incident in a mall in Indiana demonstrated that one armed person with courage and training can make a life saving difference in an armed attack. The cowardly response of the Uvalde police et al makes the case that ROs must be properly trained, true. But they need to be present and prepared to protect the children first and foremost.This is another example of the total irresponsibility of the school board. They need to come to their senses. Please pass this on to them.   Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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