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I have a few questions on policy JBD so I can better understand its implications on my student. 

III. When a student discloses their gender identity, are parents informed or students asked if their parents are aware ?

   III  A. 3. How many times can a student change gender identity and is the school required to accommodate each change ?    

   III  A. 4. Are students required to use the preferred pronoun of a fellow student?  The par. states “students to be addressed”….

             How is the “preferred pronoun” going to be disclosed to the student body and by who ?

             Will students be allowed to use the name of the transgender student in lieu of pronouns? 

             What is the penalty if a student refuses to “address a transgender student” by their preferred pronoun ?

             How much class time are cisgender/straight students spending to learn about “gender identity”  and the “use of preferred pronouns” ?

             How are the teaching of pronouns being handled in Spanish ? 

              What is “assigned” sex and who assigns ?  My understanding is gender is determined immediately after fertilization (chromosomes).  Pls correct me if I am wrong.

  III  B. 2.  If a female is using the rest room and a transgender (male) student identifying as a female enters at the same time,  what are the female student’s  options/rights ?   Can she real time request her privacy be honored ?

  III  C 2. I read this sentence to mean a biological male transgender student can compete against biological females.  Correct ? 

  III  F 1.  How much (hours/days) training time are educators, staff and administrators required “to create a safe and “professional development” …..” ?  Where  does this  time come from in a teachers schedule so as not to impact actual educational/academic time ?

Thank you 


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