Hello Education Committee members, for informational purposes for now: I want to present what we found during the LCPS June 06, 2022 Board Meeting (see slide below). See the top left paragraph, the MILA Study, the first sentence includes “disrupt systemic racism in math instruction”. I find the mere words very disturbing on a historical level, because it implies racism occurred here. Our area has a proud history of math and science, with NASA, WSMR, Holloman AFB, NMSU PSL all contributing to the Space Race of the 1960’s/1970’s.Here is a good informational piece on Woke/racist math:Don’t let ‘woke math’ ruin your child’s education


LCPS Slide from 6/22/2022 Board mtg:Lcps racist math snip.JPGI will forward information from LCPS as we receive it, Juan and I have emailed questions to LCPS.Rick Reynaud


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