REFERENDUM UPDATE -Nov 9, 2023(Sarah Smith)

Dear referendum volunteers,

I am mailing out a box with a total of 4,487 petition signatures to the statewide referendum organizers.  THANKS TO YOU for all your efforts in gathering these numerous signatures!
These are the signatures counts being mailed in:

  • HB7: 775 signatures
  • SB397: 766 signatures
  • SB13: 754 signatures
  • HB207: 740 signatures
  • SB180: 748 signatures
  • HB4: 704 signatures
  • TOTAL: 4,487 signatures across all Bills

That brings our totals mailed out thus far to:

  • HB7: 1,820 signatures
  • SB397: 1,754 signatures
  • SB13: 1,731 signatures
  • HB207: 1,252 signatures
  • SB180: 1,744 signatures
  • HB4: 1,683 signatures
  • TOTAL: 9,984 signatures across all Bills

Please continue to collect signatures. We are aiming to collect nearly 6,000 signatures per Bill (~35,000+ total signatures) for Doña Ana County. You can see that we still have a long way to go. 
Perseverance is key. I know you may be weary of this effort (I am, too!!), but we need to keep pushing forward nonetheless.  It is possible some of our missing signatures can be made up in other counties, but with Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Santa Fe counties also running low on signatures, we all need to push as best we can to keep increasing our numbers. Now that the elections are over, hopefully we will all have a bit more time to devote to this effort.

If you want to see a snapshot of what is happening statewide with the petitions, below is a summary from Bob Dickenshied. (THANKS Bob!) We can continue to work on this for several more months, so let’s see what we can all do working together!

New Mexico County 10 % GoalEstimate to Date 
Bernalillo *24,6146,984 
Catron 20345 
Chaves 1,6382,943 
Cibola 68927 
Colfax 493525 
Curry 1,0281,100 
De Baca 78116 
Dona Ana *5,7981,746 
Eddy 1,6764,338 
Grant 1,175289 
Guadalupe 1768 
Harding 4283 
Hidalgo 1672 
Lea 1,4042 
Lincoln 8381,750 
Los Alamos 1,018314 
Luna 592200 
McKinley 1,9561,000 
Mora 25058 
Otero 1,769810 
Quay 305729 
Rio Arriba 1,30242 
Roosevelt 467700 
Sandoval *6,1371,783 
San Juan 4,0164,016 
San Miguel 95083 
Santa Fe*6,981629 
Sierra 495156 
Socorro 619300 
Taos 1,339235 
Torrance 55782 
Union 15227 
Valencia 2,5542,074 
 * County not likely to be able to reach their goal 
Values in cells shaded light blue have been tabulated already.   White indicate values updated by Captain or others. Also HB207 is NOT included in the averaging which makes the resulting values a little highter  since HB207 scews values lower because we got the form for HB207 late.

Sarah–Sarah Smith

Las Cruces, NMFree People of the Southwest (local)
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (statewide)
National Coalition for Health Integrity (national)
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