Repeal Minimum Wage

Good morning Councilor Flores and Councilor Graham:  Instead of griping I am submitting a suggestion to provide immediate help to LC Businesses with the rash of recent closures. Please repeal the LC Minimum wage ordinance because it places an unfair burden on our restaurants regarding the “tipped wages”.  Marci Dickerson, at recent work sessions, explained much better than I, how restaurants should be able to pay the Statewide tipped wages, currently $2.60 instead of the LC minimum wage ordinance of $4.60.  She asked on behalf of local restaurants and was turned down.  
The Council can  show solidarity with struggling LC businesses by repealing the LC ordinance now, and simply let the State of NM Minimum wage law take over.That is my request. 
Respectfully,Rick Reynaud, P.E. 


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