Res 23-103 video

Ms Flores, having just viewed the YouTube video of the debate on this resolution, I am appalled by the arrogance with which the council members apparently believe that they have the right to determine what language and names are appropriate and which are not. The purpose of language is to communicate ideas and descriptors of those ideas such as physical characteristics,and also emotional contexts attached to those ideas. Whether or not a colloquial use, idiomatic use , slang or any other context offends someone is the problem of the listener , not the speaker. Only you can choose to be offended, whatever the intent of the speaker. Is it nice to try to offend someone? No. But street names are a ridiculous subject to be considered as offensive. “Dog poop lane” may not sound appealing but maybe it got that name for a reason. The Progressive agenda strips power from the people because progressives believe that we the people are too stupid to know what we want. You , the city council , are supposed to be guarding the quality of life or the majority of the citizens of Las Cruces, not pandering to the idiots that get offended by the choice of words used to name anything. Please use your time to address issues like the problems of crime and homelessness rather than wasting your efforts virtue signaling about street names and giving yourselves more power to disregard your constituents.   Thank you. Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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