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From: Robert Wood <[email protected]>
Subject: jan 17th council meeting
Date: January 20, 2023 at 9:38:25 AM MST
To: Ken Miyagishima <[email protected]>
Cc: I Pili <[email protected]>
Dear Mayor Miyagishima and City Manager Pili,
I wanted you to be aware of my recent letter to all of our City Councilors:
Councilor ……….,
I assume you are not a subscriber to The Coalition of Conservatives in Action newsletter so are not aware of the public sentiment that we are building. Feeling that I should not post something that is personally derogatory without offering the ability to defend oneself I am forwarding to you my recent submission to the CCIA newsletter.
Sincerely,Rob WoodCoalition of Conservatives in ActionMayors Homeless Task Force575-635-0803

Reflection on the Jan 17th City Council Meeting

What really gets under our City Councilor’s skin is being exposed by ones that highlight their ignorance. I have agitated Councilor Graham who loves to throw her PhD credentials and university professorship around like it presupposes intelligence. In order to successfully put them at bay we must be better informed than they are as Sara did on their outhouse idea.
 It is impossible to unpickle a pickle which is why demanding their resignation and finding better Councilor (and Mayor) candidates is essential. Just imagine what we would have if Councilor Gandara gets the mayors seat combined with her husband being Senator Soules who has chaired the Senate education committee for years now (how is that going Senator?). The Mayor sets the Council agenda and as a professed social worker her mission is not to alleviate social problems but just manage them. The more the better as it justifies her existence. Don’t fix, just manage.
Of course because of my age and level of curiosity with regard to world wide social and economics I look more at the long game going forward and then look at how we got here which has much to do with how we un-get here. In addressing all the issues involved in the homeless debacle and the escalating rate of crime and drug use we must focus on a solutions approach and not just management as is the local/national focus. 
What do we do with these people that is truly compassionate is tough love. As I have already written to the Mayor (who blames the DA), police do not arrest and if they do, do not show up to testify in court because the DA office is not going to prosecute losing cases (their reputation), and the public defenders office is not going to waste their time with cases the DA is not going to take, both because there is no need because judges just release them with maybe a slap anyway because there is nowhere fitting to incarcerate them. Putting the highly addicted and mentally compromised and combinations of both that have violated laws in with real criminals is not a rational approach nor is putting them back out on the street. One really needs to look seriously at the purpose of our judiciary and penal system. If interested, an awesome resource is “20,000 years in Sing Sing” by Warden Lewis Lawes and “The Body” by Chuck Colson.
Miami/Dade FL and Providence RI have taken an approach that addresses the dichotomy of the issue in that they have created an alternative corrections facility. Our only corrections based mental health facility is in Las Vegas NM. Understaffed as we are, the Sheriffs office is not about to take two officers off their job of policing to transport one in need of that sort of facility no matter how better fitting it may be so after a short stay in the local lockup they are let loose. And around and around it goes.
Obviously this is a NM State Judiciary/Corrections issue but maybe not if our City and County took a solutions approach and lobbied Santa Fe for such a facility in Dona Ana County. I think that would make a meaningful statement far better than throwing their hands up in despair and trying to silence the outraged public.
As it stands now, all that our social worker mentality leaders (and all associated homeless relief organizations except maybe the Salvation Army) can see is the constant maintenance of the growth without corrective action so as to justify their decisions and existence that are meant to appease an ignorant, with regard to the real issues at hand, public while insuring their employment.
I commend all that confront our supposed leaders. Keep pointing out the facts and eventually they will either detonate in a council meeting, completely silence the public or maybe just admit defeat and resign.
Rob Wood


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