Resource information on Gender policies, for upcoming LCPS Gender regulation

Good morning to Education Committee Members and all:  Here are timely and informative sources on Gender Policies as we await Las Cruces Public Schools to publish their gender regulation.  Our focus is not anti-anyone, our focus is on parental rights (notification), teacher’s rights, religious freedom, common sense pronoun policies, and trying to get the overall focus back on real education. 
Gender Policy Resources from  Alliance Defending Freedom, Parents Defending Education, Daily Caller.  For nos. 1-3, these are cases that ADF has filed, that contain expert reports discussing the harm of social transition and the violation of parental rights.1. Two sets of Wisconsin parents have filed a lawsuit against the Kettle Moraine School District to challenge its policy that allows minor students to change their name and gender pronouns at school without parental consent.  Jun 01, 2022
2. A Madison Metropolitan School District policy instructs district employees to assist children of any age to adopt a transgender identity at school upon the child’s request without notice to or consent from parents, to conceal from parents the fact that school personnel are doing this unless the child “consents” to the parents being told, and even instructs district employees to conceal these facts from parents.  May 23, 2022
3. A Loudoun County Public Schools policy requires all faculty and students, regardless of their beliefs about biological sex and gender, to use the pronouns that students demand regardless of their biological sex.  Nov 21, 2021
4. Parent Defending Education Sues Iowa School District Over Gender Ideology Requirements.  Issues are Parental rights, “temporary” gender support files.  Aug. 03, 2022.
5. Michigan Public School Appears to Hide ‘Gender Support Plans’ from Students’ Parents.  September 02, 2022.
6. Fairfax County Public Schools May Suspend Students Who ‘Misgender’ Peers, Engage In ‘Hate Speech’.  Weighing new rules.  May 12, 2022.
Please call me for any questions.  The CCIA Education’s plan is to send the LCPS Gender Regulation, when published, to ADF and PDE for their expert review.  We have had previous phone contact with ADF’s Tyson Langhofer.   Rick Reynaud575-312-0439


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