Response to Councilor Bencomo

Engage your city council after reading the link below……

Morning Councilor
Good interview on CBS4 Local.  Unfortunately, the Council’s approach doesn’t seem to consider the victims (citizens).   The pictures in the BB are real life situations depicting the problem we are having and will continue.  This is reality not fear mongering.
 You have heard numerous times during LCCC public input about the fear and terror citizens live in and are experiencing due to the rise in crime. Investing in poverty to curtail wanton crime like breaking windows, destroying property through malicious criminal acts, is not going to fix the problem. Poverty, addiction, or homelessness doesn’t give anyone the right to destroy or take another person’s property.  Wrong doers need to be held accountable. 
Do you think its right for citizens to spend their money in order to protect themselves (ourselves) because criminals are the “victims”? And the revolving door in our court system is enabling these criminal acts with no sense of consequence. 
One prime example is the auto shop (Alert Mufflers and Brakes) on Solano had to install fencing surrounding the property to keep the criminal element out ? Is this what citizens have to do to protect against crime because of the wrong local policies ? 
With the high cost of living, how much more unnecessary dollars will lawful citizens have to spend and endure to “feel safe” ? 
You blame the opioid epidemic as an element in crime.  True, yet, when was the last time the Biden administration made the fight against fentanyl a priority ?  Or our two US Senators?  Or stopping the massive inroad of drugs into the state through the southern border ?  Or lying to the American people about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) when its key purpose was to ram through the Green Agenda under the guise of “helping the citizens endure high costs of food”.  Fiesta Foods just raised their price on a 10 pack of tortillas again.  
I copied (my) Rep Rubio on these emails and she ignores.   Doesn’t fit the social justice, victimhood and dependency socialist/progressive narrative in place.
I, and hundreds of citizens have spoken to many of you on the issue.   But you are not listening or taking any action to ensure justice for all.  
“Something” needs to change.  
Thank you for your time…..

Juan D Garcia


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