Response to Paul Gessing

Thank you for the article you wrote for the Las Cruces Sun News but still out of fear the right question lays in front of us and we fail to pick it up because even though it takes education in a student centric direction it causes disruptions in our own lives that obviously the majority are not willing to accept. They all need the free daycare it offers. I submitted the following to the Las Cruces Bulletin in hopes not that it would get published but in hopes it might just tip the scale enough that someone at that paper might begin offering realistic ideas on education that that secure student learning to the level they will need in their futures and not just the security of the PED bureaucracy jobs and all the associated industries that depend on this disastrous system called compulsory school. Why are we not questioning the fact that the populace has been subjected to this system through law enforcement means that forces their children to go someplace and be taught by people they do not even know. For a fire hose treatment of the subject I suggest John Taylor Gatto’s , “Weapons of Mass Instruction”. If not now, when? Rob Wood Coalition of Conservatives in Action Education Committee


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