Response to Bencomo: Burn Lake Comments

Ms Bencomo, after viewing the video of some of your response on the subject of the Burn Lake homeless encampment I must say that I am appalled. Your callous disdain for the productive citizens of Las Cruces and society in general is beneath contempt. Our culture was founded on the principles of a meritocracy, which is dependent upon the hard work and skill sets which produce goods and services beneficial to the mainstream society. I grant that the world is not fair and that some of the homeless population are there because of bad fortune ( ie medical bankruptcy) – this consideration brings up the subject of making society more just and opportunity for work and self improvement available to more people. However, many of the homeless population don’t want to change their status, give up their drug habit, or work hard because they know that at this time ignorant liberals will continue to support them financially and emotionally. As I learned in business school, the actions you support are the ones that will persist and grow,whether for good or not. Continuing to reward the homelessness despite any efforts or lack thereof on their part is foolish and wasting the taxpayer’s money. . At some point you need to reward the efforts of those that demonstrate willingness to resume a more productive role and stop supporting those that choose not to do so. Mr and Mrs Huff worked to achieve what they have and do not deserve to lose the ambiance of their home. Why do you hate mainstream American values? Social workers have never shown interest in helping people stand on their own, but rather developed systems of societal control and dependency. Let the homeless camp out in your front yard if you feel so strongly about it.    Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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