RoadRUNNER NO Fees, Police Substation, and the continued attacks on LC Citizens……

Council and Commissioners
Kudos to Councilor Bencomo on the city’s latest social initiative to eliminate bus fees on the RoadRunner . “This change is about so much more than just affordability,” Bencomo said in the news release. “It is also about accessibility and sustainability. This is an investment in the overall health of our community.” 
This is an excellent move to help offset the destructive Biden and the NM US Federal Delegation’s policies designed to kill the fossil fuel industry that is impacting our citizens who are struggling to afford the high cost of fuel and food in the city.

Harrowing attack on a young lady (nurse) waiting for the traffic light to change near the Jiffy Lube on Main St.  16 Nov about 4PM.  Broad daylight.  A transient threw a large rock damaging the front passenger fender and door.  No reason for the random wanton violent act.  Simply because he could with likely no consequences for his criminal act.  LCPD notified. 
Young lady could have been badly hurt if the large rock had hit the windshield. She will likely suffer mental  trauma for the foreseeable future. To repair she has to  pay a deductible if she has insurance.  Money she doesn’t have or can afford.  Or needed to waste.
Another lady (nurse) working at Mountain View at night, while parked in the hospital parking lot had her catalytic converter stolen.  Again, another criminal act with no consequences.  I am sure this is just one of many. Cost about 1K to replace. 
I am proposing the following that can be used to reduce crime in LC (hope they are not dismissed as right wing talking points):

  1. Increase the # of police on the force to cover those that are not available for field duty- IOW, the total count sounds good but when you remove those on PTO, medical, admin duty, training, etc….the officers on the street are greatly reduced.   Focused deterrence in the high crime areas.
  2. Add a police substation.  There is an empty small building on the corner of Solano and Foster that is next to the children’s Daycare. 
  3. Lobby your colleagues in the NM legislature and governor to improve on the current laws dealing with repeat offenders and misdemeanor crimes like the one on this email. Stop the repeat offenders.  We can help mobilize the citizens. 
  4. Establish a local plan that deals with the increase in cost of food and fuel.  A plan that doesn’t provide more taxpayer handouts. 


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