SB 180 Zoom Meeting in 25 min

URGENT CALL TO ACTIONSB 180 is a nightmare for honest elections and transparency in New Mexico. This bill permanently hides elections records from the public, forces all counties to use vulnerable and manipulated digital poll books, takes power away from county commissions to certify their own elections.The bill JUST got placed on the schedule for a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee TOMORROW MORNING!Usually there is several days notice for a committee hearing, but they don’t want anyone knowing about this one and plan to ram it through without discussion.We urgently need you to call in to the hearing tomorrow at 9 am or, if at all possible, show up in person and tell them that this bill only makes our elections more vulnerable, less accountable, and is the absolute wrong direction to take our state when 60% of the people don’t believe our elections are honest as it is.We must stop this bill in committee before it goes to the senate floor.For public participation please click on the link via telephone at 1 346 248 7799, meeting ID: 339 642 2464To provide written comments or to register to speak using zoom please email [email protected]


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