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KOB report dtd 21 Feb 2022.

In the Las Cruces Public School District, 26 percent of fourth-graders met expectations in English , while only 11 percent of eighth graders were proficient in math.

Not much different in the Gadsden Independent School District, , where 28 percent of fourth-graders were proficient in English and 17 percent of eighth-graders met expectations in math.

It makes you concerned,” Travis Dempsey, the superintendent for GISD said. “We’ve got to address academics, we’ve got to set a higher academic standard and we’ve got to make sure our students are getting the very best academic instruction they possibly can get.

“We need to be doing a better job, across the board. The district has been keenly aware that those numbers are slipping, we hear repeatedly from frustrated parents that it’s not okay to be last,” Kelly Jameson, the spokesperson for LCPS said.

“We’re revamping almost all of our curriculum for English language arts,” Dempsey said.

“We’re trying to address a true standards-based curriculum and move away from what might be considered an inflated grading scale,” Dempsey said.

CBS4 asked Jameson if she felt LCPS was just passing students just to pass them, based on the low proficiency numbers and high graduation rates.

At the calendar meeting:

We have at LCPS “extended and enrichment learning” proposal introduced by 2 candidates for office.  Coincidence? Or Campaign stop?  They spent a considerable amount of time complimenting themselves but never addressed poor academics.

Sen Soules” Teachers will allowed to do fun things and make a connection”….Like never in the past….”  Rep Small “ extended learning for field trips and see the real world”.  “Possibilities to go around the communities and get real world experience”. The politicians  were So excited they couldn’t contain themselves over the 30 M coming to LCPS.

IMO: Real world experience is going to be the shock when our students cant compete in the real world because they were taught “Social and Emotional Learning, Identity politics and other “feel good agendas” instead of focusing on academic standards.  LCPS wants kids to “imagine” learning. Is this going to improve academic standards ? Parents: Is this what you want for your kids ?

Just reviewed the FAQs for the calendar.  No mention on increase in academic standards.


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