School Choices

School Choice It is imperative the education spokes people know what they do want and not just what they do not want. If school choice is in mind we better become informed on what possible choices there could be which means evaluating historical performances. There is never going to be a one size fits all model so it is imperative that there are ways for parents to be educated on what their options are so they can align their student with what matches their needs. San Antonio and I believe Denver have such a resource available. More on that can be found in Osborne’s “Reinventing America’s Schools”. Foreman is promoting vouchers but that opens the question to what metrics qualify a newly started school to prove it can do a better job? Just think for a minute if a voucher program did exist where would you spend them. It will create a whole bunch of new school options with no metrics to know if they can do the job or not. Be careful what you ask for before looking at the whole picture. Charters are a good direction but still, just like District schools, there are good ones and not so good ones. If a voucher system is implemented there must be a way for parents to be informed before applying them. I understand the desire to undermine the union led school system but let’s not forget the goal is to properly educate children for their future, not just bust the union control. If a myriad of non union schools opened they will be hard pressed to get teachers to jump ship and give up their already accrued retirement benefits. Rob Wood


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