SCHOOLS: CRT, Trans, and Legislative Issues

Dear New Mexico teachers, school personnel, and concerned parents,At our meeting earlier this week, we discussed:NM Legislative SessionUndercover video of Alamogordo Superintendent pushing CRTPotential actions for parents and teachers to takeSandoval County Moms for LibertyHere is some info to get you up to speed on these topics.   NM Legislative SessionThe Legislative Session is ongoing for another month.  Some of the Bills being considered are threatening the rights of parents to be informed about what is happening with their children, and many other fundamental rights are being attacked as well (including 2nd Amendment, secure elections, etc.)  There are also a few favorable Bills including ones for limiting the Governor’s emergency powers, improving the crime situation, etc.   We need as many people as possible to participate by emailing/calling legislators about these important Bills. We (NM Freedoms Alliance) send out EASY Calls to Action to help people get involved.  You can join that email list here: You can see the most recent Call to Action, with links to where you can QUICKLY AND EASILY email legislators, here:
 Undercover Video of Alamogordo Superintendent Pushing CRT in SchoolsCasey and Myke Petersen recently released the following video with undercover footage of the Superintendent of Alamogordo Public Schools discussing that he is using “guerrilla warfare” tactics to sneak CRT into the school curriculum.  
Casey and Myke were in attendance at our meeting and will be returning at a future meeting to present educational information about CRT.
 Potential Actions to TakeTodd Reed (former APS teacher who has been helping people stand up for their rights RE: mandates) is helping teachers and parents who want to get involved in pushing back against the trans ideology being pushed in NM schools. It is important to note that teachers can be held liable for violating child and parent rights and charged with practicing medicine without a license (since gender dysphoria is classified as a mental illness). Todd shared the following template resources that can potentially be used by parents, teachers, and concerned citizens.Template: Letter to School Personnel (related to trans issues in schools)Template: Statement of Facts and Property Rights (related to trans issues in schools)Letter of Notice to State Legislators for Violation of 2nd Amendment Rights  Make sure to update the text to reflect your own school district, name, etc.  These letters can be emailed and sent by certified mail to school personnel, elected officials, etc.For more information about how to use these documents, contact Todd at [email protected].
 Sandoval County Moms for Liberty ChapterRebecca Murray is starting a chapter of Moms for Liberty in Sandoval County/Rio Rancho.  Moms for Liberty is a nationwide organization that is standing up for parents rights, working to get conservative school board members elected, and pushing against political ideology being taught in schools. Rebecca needs more people to get involved to make this a success.  Please contact Rebecca at [email protected] if you are interested.
I hope this information helps you better understand what is happening in NM schools. Standing with you in solidarity,SarahNew Mexico Freedoms Alliance


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