SEL, etc….

All this hoopla over Social, Emotional Learning is crazy making stuff. Our schools, since 1642, have been tasked with that. The conundrum you face is defining what the purpose of school is with respect to the students and their life mission, what path to take and what schools have the capacity to provide.. Academic preparedness or therapeutic preparedness. On an American Navy aircraft carrier every person on that ship knows they are tasked with one objective even though in a multitude of capacities. That sole objective everyone holds allegiance to and is held responsible for is the surety of the successful launch of every aircraft on that ship so that it may complete its mission and thus the mission of the ship which is to deliver those aircraft to a send off position where they can reach their goal. I think this clearly defines how schools should operate. Robert Pondiscio is a highly recognized authority on modern education at the American Enterprise Institute. I hope you will take the time to review his assessment and then take some time to reflect and discuss the premisses he presents. All our children deserve the best preparation possible with all on board from the mechanic over at the school bus barn to the school Principle and everyone in between. It necessitates them all assuming their responsibility to complete that task and ensure the students individual potential for that journey is as well prepared for and enhanced as possible. Sincerely, Rob Wood


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