Sen Heinrich- Ignores NM citizens

Hi All,Just so that you know: There is a woman from New Hampshire, Gail Huff-Brown (a conservative republican) who is running for Congress to represent her home state of New Hampshire. Ms Huff-Brown has just returned from a trip to our border and was recently (Monday evening) describing what she had seen to a local news reporter/talk show host, Dan Rea who broadcasts on WBZ in Boston, MA. He can be heard nation-wide on the I Heart Radio App as well as on the internet. The reason I am mentioning this is because both Ms Huff-Brown and Dan Rea are more interested in the border and publicizing the dangerous situation for what it really is than our own representatives here (with the exception of Yvette Herell). That TWO high-profile individuals from NEW ENGLAND care more about us and our border situation is ASTOUNDING but moreover, speaks to the absolute disgusting pandering that our two senators and Governor give to the Biden Administration. Fealty to the Biden administration is more important than protecting the welfare and economic stability of NEW MEXICANS. I believe that we need to be laser-focused on these bottom-feeding miscreants f(MLG, Ben Ray Lujan and Heinrich) and shine a bright beam of light on who they really are and make noise about it, starting at the Pre-Primary and getting louder about our displeasure as the election cycle moves forward. I personally will make it abundantly clear to any candidate seeking my vote that unless they make addressing this a priority in their administration, seek an endorsement or most importantly, a VOTE from someone else.


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