Sen Lujan wants marijuana TV and Radio Ads- TELL HIM NO !!

Call the senator and tell him you oppose this absurdity 202-224-6621

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Senator Ben Ray Lujan is pushing for a law to allow TV and radio ads for marijuana companies. The ads would only be allowed in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana use.

Marijuana is still illegal federally, so the bill would ban the FCC from punishing stations in any way for airing legitimate cannabis ads. With this bill, we could one day see ads for cannabis products and stores just like we do for prescription drugs and alcohol.

The 13-page bill spells out some rules, allowing ads only from legitimate companies. The ads would have to have warnings that there could be risks associated with the consumption of the product. And, they could only be shown in states that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis.

Some people say they don’t have a problem with the idea. “Personally, I agree and I think it should be advertised, there are a lot of health benefits,” said Shelbie Waganar, Albuquerque resident.

Another Resident agreed with Waganar. “Everybody in my family knows what’s going on with it and everything so I really don’t mind,” said Viridiana Martinez, Albuquerque resident.

Right now it’s illegal for TV and radio stations to run marijuana ads. Cannabis ads would only be allowed to run during programs where at least 70% of the viewers are 21 and over.


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